This year, the league’s trade deadline is Saturday after Thanksgiving 11/27. There has been a little flurry of activity to this point, but business starts to pick up toward Thanksgiving.

With just about 3 weeks left to make some moves, use the trade guide below for:

At the half-way point, we look at the league through the mid-season scouter. After simulating 2000+ seasons, the projections machine read out the following results:

See below for your team’s projections, and a blurb on which of your players will defy the…

At the Q1 milestone of the season, we will crowdsource power rankings among active league managers. This is your opportunity to weigh a team’s record, points scored, along with the makeup of the roster.

Before Thursday Night Football, the results will be collected and published, so you can see what your league-mates think about your team.

Power Ranking Results

Which team in the top-5 is the strongest CONTENDER?

Consensus: Benny’s Team

Week 2 is almost a wrap, and with early results in, we’re already looking at the draft results, and letting regrets pour in:

I wish I went for player X instead of player Y.

This column highlights players that managers wish they had at equal or better cost…

Bode: Distracted by PC’s Deebo Samuel ($7; WR3 Overall)

vs. Aiyuk…

To kick-off the fantasy season, each manager provides their own hot takes about a player on their roster. Each take varies in pungency, so they’re also graded by number of Scoville Heat Units.

We’ll do an end-of-season retrospective to see which takes came to fruition.

Gordon: “David Montgomery will end…

Tebow Time

This year’s fantasy season will have a vastly different look, starting with the departure of 4 competitors. There are also several key details and changes to keep in mind ahead of the draft:

August 3, 2021

Ramon’s Trade Offer Inbox

Mister “Mull-It-Over” is done mulling over trade requests. Ramon has submitted his official retirement to the league office:

“I’ll drop this season. Barely awake half the time anyway.”

Ramon has been a frequent mention in On Blast, until the past couple seasons, where he…

Paul Liang

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